Salesforce Managed Services

Salesforce to Its Fullest!

After a successful implementation now it has been a while and Salesforce became an integral part of your business.

And like every gear in a machine, your Salesforce needs your attention, maintenance, and care too.

To achieve this, your organisation should be able to take several responsibilities.

Keep your Salesforce Sustained

A sustainable system has four principle evaluate, manage, improve and integrate.

district, evaluation, assessment


This phase of our managed service is consist of the evaluation of your Salesforce Org and your business requirements.


Keep It Running

Keeping up all the good works which have been done on the implementation phase and sequential improvement phases.

clock, time, gear
coach, learning, training

Three Releases in a Year

Salesforce is a really fast evolving platform.

To keep the pace and use the cutting edge technologies our Salesforce org should be aligned with the Spring, Summer and Winter releases.

Don't let your Salesforce org outdated.


Adoption is the Key

Without the adoption of our Salesforce Org members all the hard works that have been done are worthless.

Systems are for people!


Some Support Activities

Some of our activities for the managed services are as follows but not limited

Health Check

Let's unearth your Saleforce Org's hidden 'Treasure' the Technical Debts.



Let's ask Whats, Whys and discover if there are any better ways to achieve.


Release Readiness

We won't let your hardly gained ROI diminished in time but increase it.


Sharing & Visibility

Let's arrange and maintain Who sees What and most importantly How.


Data Architecture & Management

Let's design sound and scalable high-performing enterprise data models.


Programmatic Development

Let's build your Salesforce's core logic structure with coding activities.


Declarative Development

Agile organisations requires agile tools that can serve their dynamic needs.


Reports & Dashboard

Inputs are worthless unless you can generate some sensible outputs.


Get the Most of Salesforce

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